HbA1c test & Normal Level

As soon as you understand your HbA1c level, you must understand what the results mean and how to prevent them from going too high. Even a slightly elevated HbA1c degree makes you more vulnerable to severe complications. What's the perfect HbA1c level when you have diabetes? It is 6.5% or below. It is different if you are at risk of developing Type 2.


The HbA1c test offers a simple and effective tool for diabetes monitoring. The higher the HbA1c value, the weaker the diabetes management is. That also implies the higher possibility of heart, kidney, nerve, and eye damage as diabetic complications.

One can lead a more relaxed life if tested periodically for HbA1c, as recommended by your healthcare team.

People are experiencing the onset of diabetes around the world, creating a global health crisis. The threat of diabetes-related complications can be prevented with proper management of blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and blood lipids. HbA1c test is a simple and efficient tool in diabetes monitoring. When a part of the blood sugar attaches with hemoglobin in the blood, it forms a complex called glycosylated hemoglobin. This is also called as HbA1c or A1c value. Typically expressed as a percentage, the amount of HbA1c is directly related to the average concentration of sugar in the blood. The HbA1c value is quite stable for two to three months period. It offers an indication of diabetic control within the past two to three months.


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