Ginger, Garlic, Olive Oil for Meniere's Disease

If you have ever experienced any bit of vertigo, you know what it is like to feel as though your head is in a whirl wind. These bouts of vertigo are brought on at different occasions by various triggers. This is due to inner ear damage from repeated ear infections as a child or some other type of inner ear or head trauma. For some individuals with an inner ear imbalance, if severe, are diagnosed with Meniere's disease and prescribed different drugs. However, pharmaceuticals for this condition/disease often have side effects. Therefore, natural remedies are most beneficial since vertigo and associated symptoms are relieved within a short period of time without significant side effects.

Below is a natural remedy which helps to provide great recovery time and overall relief from inner ear imbalance.

1. Six garlic pegs/cloves (beaten)

2. Quarter cup fresh ginger root (chopped)

3. Half cup extra virgin organic olive oil


In small pot, place the olive oil on low heat and wait for low boil. Add garlic and ginger and let sit on low simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from heat and flash cool in refrigerator for 2 minutes. The goal is to get the infused oil close to room temperature quickly to preserve all garlic and ginger essence. Strain oil into small bottle/container. Using a rubber ear bulb, carefully apply 2 to 3 drops in ears once or twice daily. Most of the time applying the drops once daily works well until fully recovered. Store remaining infused oil in refrigerator for future use.