Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

Arthritis pain can be unbearable and can affect the quality of life. Many factors may lead to arthritis. Arthritis comes in many forms and includes autoimmune disorders (Rheumatoid arthritis), which is genetic, and one that progresses due to age and excessive wear and tear of the joints (osteoarthritis). Some arthritis may occur due to the types of food you eat, obesity, and other factors.

However, the easiest way to lessen that pain and control those accumulating inflammatory mediators is by eliminating certain foods. Also, since obesity is a factor for arthritis, it can be managed through controlling your weight and shedding those extra kilos to reduce pressure on your painful joints. When you are suffering from arthritis, your body produces inflammatory mediators that may worsen your pain. So, it’s essential to take note of what you eat to protect yourself from such chronic conditions.

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