Digestive enzymes benefits & side effects

Do you have a weak digestive system? Are you dependent on digestive enzymes/zypan supplements to aid your digestion? Digestive enzymes are proteolytic enzymes that help support the digestion and absorption of proteins into your body in conditions when your digestive system is compromised. In people whose gallbladder has been removed or has cystic fibrosis, consuming these digestive enzymes can help aid in digestion, but depending on these digestive enzymes (zypan) can lead to zypan dangers in later stages. There are different types of digestive enzymes which promote digestion:

Lipases - help in digesting fatty acids.

Proteases and peptidases - Helps in digesting proteins and amino acids.

Amylases - Help digest carbohydrates such as starch and sugars.

Nucleases - It helps digest nucleic acids.

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