Diabetic friendly foods to eat

It would be essential to preface this that I too had diabetes, obesity, leaky gut, insulin resistance, arthritis, allergies, asthma, systemic candida overgrowth, and reversed it all using this information.

Types Defined:

Type 1: Autoimmune early triggered in childhood with damaged pancreas/no insulin (can occur later)

LADA : late-onset adult diabetes autoimmune or 'double diabetes' after years as Type 2.

Type 2: Late-onset in adults' w/insulin resistance, too much insulin, too much glucose

MODY: Maturity-onset diabetes of the young + Gestational Diabetes: during pregnancy complication

Type 3: Diabetes of the Brain - Alzheimer' s/Dementia/ ADD/ADHD/Parkinson – insulin resistance in the brain

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