Blood Cleanser & Purifier Natural Herbs, Foods & Tea

The blood is responsible for many vital functions in our body. One of the main functions of our blood is to transport oxygen, hormones, sugar, fats, clotting factors, and even the cells of our immune system throughout the body. It is the essential source of supply for all things required by the various organs, tissues, and cells of our body. Blood also has a role to play in the regulation of glucose and other compounds in the body.1 This is why it is critical to keep the blood clean and free of waste and toxins.  

According to the principles of Ayurveda, the internal cleansing of your blood is necessary now and then. The science of Ayurveda firmly promotes the cleansing of blood as a healthy measure to keep it free of toxins and also for boosting your immunity, improving your heart health, and for preventing diseases.2 Purification of blood reduces the blood cholesterol levels, while also decreasing the risk of many types of cancer. Blood cleansing helps decrease inflammation within the body, thus promoting relief from many chronic health conditions.


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