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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China, some 2000 to 3000 years ago. The age old healing technique combines herbal medicines with various healing practices such as tai chi,acupuncture, qi gong (a traditional Chinese exercise designed to strengthen the body and foster mind-body connection) etc. Today TCM which is considered to be an alternative medicine is still widely practiced in China. With increased awareness, TCM is now being practiced in many Western countries too, including United States.


The foundation of TCM is based on the ideas of ‘Chi’ and ‘Yin-Yang’. ‘Chi’ is the flow of energy that flows through every living body. According to TCM practitioners, healthy and proper flow of Chi accelerates the natural healing power of the body. On the other hand Yin and Yang are opposite forces that are in constant motion within your body. A disease or aliment occurs when for some reason the balance of Yin and Yang is disturbed or the flow of ‘Chi’ is obstructed.

TCM practitioners believe body, mind and soul to be one whole. According to the complex principles of TCM, every human body, mind and soul is connected with nature as well. The ancient practice seeks to heal the one entirely and not just to elevate the symptoms.


The benefits of TCM are manifold. While the healing method has been used successfully to treat many aliments since ages, TCM also focuses on understanding your body’s signals and engage in preventive practices.


1) TCM practitioners use herbs and healing techniques to treat the patients. While healing techniques such as acupuncture, tai chi etc have no side effects at all; the natural herbs used may have some side effects. However, when compared to the evils of various drugs used in conventional medicine, TCM can be termed to have none to mild side effects.

2)TCM is an excellent preventive method. The practitioners stress upon understanding andfocusing on your body’s symptoms and prevent the aliment before it even takes root.Practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong are hugely beneficial to increase mind-body connection and improve general well being.

3)TCM can be used to treat a wide range of diseases.

4) TCM offers wholesome healing and works on its root cause; thus offering complete healing on physical, mental and spiritual level.


While TCM can be used to treat any disease, the method is particularly effective on complex health issues where conventional medicine gives away. TCM works on multiple levels and thus has seen to have great positive effects on metabolic diseases, chronic illnesses, age-related ailments,degenerative conditions etc.

One can use TCM as a whole or use only a part of it such as acupuncture as per the requirements.The healing method seems to have a remarkable effect on elevating anxiety, headaches, migraines etc too.

Many people in the Western countries use TCM as a complimentary healing method along with the conventional treatment.


TCM deals with herbal medicine and thus can be potentially harmful if taken wrongly. Thus, self practice (if not trained) is strictly prohibited. TCM can be a holistic answer for your long standing health issues; but only if you are practicing it under the care of a trained TCM practitioner.

In case you are having TCM along with conventional medicines, extra care is recommended. Some drugs may react with herbs ingested and create harmful condition. Make sure to inform your healthcare person as well as TCM practitioners about the herbs and medicines you are taking.

Side Effects

The healing techniques used in TCM such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncture etc have no side effects at all. Although the herbs may have some side effects when taken wrongly; thus it is essential to consult a trained TCM practitioner before taking any herbs.

Science & Research

Keeping in mind the beneficial effects of TCM, numerous studies have been conducted and still being conducted on various elements of this healing method. The most extensively studied components are however usages of herbs and acupuncture. In numerous studies conducted in various universities, researchers have found the TCM herbs to be highly effective on various ailments. Acupuncture likewise showcased proven results in pain relief and stress reduction in various studies.

Today, TCM is practiced and used quite extensively in Western world as a holistic and side effect free healing method. While there are many studies still being conducted throughout the world on various components of TCM, this body, mind and soul healing technique can definitely show a path towards healthier life.




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