Thank you so much for our son's progress with Autism

Testimonial for Marianne Teitelbaum for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Thank you so much for our son's progress with Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorders
I just wanted you to know how grateful we are for our son, JT’s, progress. When he first came to you two years ago, just having been diagnosed with autism (age 3), he would spend four hours a day silently putting the bedroom blinds up and down. He would not give anyone eye contact and he never asked to play with children. Our family was so devastated at his diagnosis. We were so upset that his speech had not developed at all. You might like to know of his latest accomplishments. First 6 months ago he started talking better. We were shocked that he even asked if he could play with the boy across the street — he had never done this before. Then, his teachers called us in for an unplanned conference. They said they didn’t feel he had autism anymore and it was no longer necessary to keep him in the special school for autism. But the most exciting thing that has happened was this: we always dreamed of enrolling him in some local sport, but knew it was just not an option for him. Due to his recent turnaround, we reluctantly enrolled him into a soccer team for the spring. We were somewhat dreading his first game. Then wow! We were shocked — he fit right in like all the other kids and did such a great job — we were laughing and crying in the sidelines. I sent out e-mails to all my friends the next day and told them about his progress with your dietary and herbal regime. What can we say — thank you so much for helping us with our beautiful little boy — we now think that he will have a normal life.