Severe pain in left hip and lower back healed with Acupuncture

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Severe pain in left hip and lower back healed with Acupuncture
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Recently I became incapacitated with severe pain in my left hip, lower back and knee. I was unable to walk, sleep, or participate in any of my customary activities. As usual, I sought conventional medical support. After being diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the left hip (with a second verifying opinion,) I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery. However, since I had a three week vacation to Europe already scheduled, I began trying everything that conventional medicine provided to make this trip, including appointments with my primary care physician, an orthopedic surgeon, a chiropractor, along with physical therapy, and a new exercise regime. I did not experience any progress. It was not until I contacted Dylan Jawahir at August Point Wellness Center, and began treatment with him that I began to exhibit consistent improvement. After seven weeks of acupuncture and therapeutic massage treatments, I was able to go on vacation pain free and, on my return from vacation, cancel my scheduled hip replacement surgery. Dylan Jawahir provided exemplary support. He was extremely well informed and well trained. He listened carefully to feedback regarding my issues, addressed each one thoroughly using his therapies, and helped me design a more appropriate exercise routine. I not only progressively improved, but I learned a lot about my body that will help me maintain my improvement. I have referred several friends, who have had similar experiences with conventional medicine, to Dylan Jawahir. My experience has taught me that it is very wise to keep an open mind regarding alternative types of treatment. I would not be participating in my usual lifestyle without Dylan Jawahir’s intervention.