Pain from sinus infection healed by Acupuncture

Testimonial for Phil Settels for Sinusitis

Pain from sinus infection healed by Acupuncture
With an amazing ability to comprehend what was going on for me within a very short time, Michelle Hirsch turned one of the most painful sinus infections I'd ever had around in no time. I've been coming to Octagon over the past few years whenever acute situations would arise for me. I've always wanted to make it in to see Michelle and was so glad she happened to be available when I needed care the most. She put me on a great formula combination that yes, tastes as gross as she said it would, but has - with the help of her needles, too - made me feel about 80% better than I did yesterday. As I'm in the process of starting a new job, this turn-around was crucial. I'm so grateful for the deep wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and for practitioners that practice it with the insight, compassion and capability that Michelle possesses. I'm also hugely grateful that I can receive affordable out-of-pocket care at such a great facility. Thank you, Octagon!!