Neck pain healing after DUI drunk driver with acupuncture therapy

Testimonial for Dylan Quinn lorenzo jawahir for Neck Pain

Neck pain healing after DUI drunk driver with acupuncture therapy
Neck Pain
Since I was rear-ended by a drunk driver 20 years ago, I have suffered from chronic and often debilitating head, neck, and back pain. Following the crash I underwent three separate anterior cervical fusion surgeries to stabilize my neck. My spine was fused between levels C4 and C7. These surgeries left me with a restricted range of motion which seriously diminished my quality of life. Over the past 20 years I have tried various therapeutic treatments, including physical therapy, biofeedback, pain management, massage therapy, and pool therapy. I have been prescribed many strong medications to control pain and inflammation. I have experienced various degrees of improvement, but nothing has provided a long lasting solution. In January of 2011 I decided to go off the Oxycodone I had been dependent on for many years. As a result my pain level increased while my functional capability decreased. I tried non-narcotic pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, but had only marginal success. Consequently I was sent to a physiatrist for a consult. He suggested I try acupuncture for pain relief. I quite frankly thought that it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but I thought, “What the heck—I’ve tried everything else.” I contacted Dylan Jawahir at August Point Wellness on June 1, 2011. My experience with him has been remarkable. From the first consult with Dylan, I felt a strong connection. He explained that he thought acupuncture, combined with massage, would be beneficial. He seemed confident that I could decrease my pain level, increase range of motion, and enjoy considerable improvement in my quality of life. Dylan demonstrated from the beginning that he cares for, connects with, and understands his patients’ concerns. For two months I have seen Dylan on a regular basis for acupuncture and massage. The first few weeks were pretty tough for me to work through the discomfort. Dylan encouraged me to “stay with it.” He assured me that the pain level would decrease. To my amazement, within the next few weeks I began to feel some improvement. My mood improved, and I felt generally hopeful and optimistic. I began to do some of the activities that I had previously abandoned because of pain issues. Over the next few weeks my quality of life improved significantly. I now spend less time napping in the afternoons and more time engaging in positive and fulfilling activities. I’m still working on increasing my range of motion. My dependence on narcotics is behind me. My pain level is now manageable on non-narcotic pain relievers. I see Dylan for occasional “fine tuning” of my neck muscles through acupuncture and massage. After twenty years I am finally getting my life back! I am very pleased with the results I am experiencing in connection with August Point Wellness, and I look forward to continuing improvement.