I turned to Ayurveda for dietary guidance

Testimonial for Aparna Dandekar for Gastrointestinal

I turned to Ayurveda for dietary guidance
Excerpts from Bay Area Writer Stefanie Marlis’ Blog “Fresh Ideas and the People who Bring them to Life” (printed here with her permission): “I was experiencing an achy-empty feeling in my gut that would come and go, then come again, only worse. Soon I was suffering with the symptoms of nighttime reflux, which made sleeping through the night, well, impossible. I’ve always believed that food is medicine, and I was certain all I needed to do was find the right diet and my digestion would improve. I tried everything: juice fasts, Alejandro Junger’s Clean Gut diet, then for months, ate bone broth accompanied by lots of fermented foods à la Nourishing Traditions. Finally, after several visits to a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and getting some benefit from acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I turned to another traditional medicine —Ayurveda— for the dietary guidance I still believed key to restoring my health. Within weeks of seeing an Ayurvedic physician, and following her recommendations, my digestion improved and the reflux all but disappeared. Eight weeks after starting the dosha balancing Ayurvedic diet, herbs, and breathing, I’m feeling ever so much better. Note: The Ayurvedic doctor I saw is Aparna Dandekar (she’s also an osteopath and a medical doctor). You can learn more about her and her practice at ThreeRiversAyurveda.com.”