I feel so much better after 5 months of being on Nutritional Plan and Supplements

Testimonial for Will Cole for Celiac Disease

I feel so much better after 5 months of being on Nutritional Plan and Supplements
Celiac Disease
Functional Medicine
“After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and celiac disease several years ago, I have seen a lot of doctors! My blood work has been abnormal, I haven’t felt well, I had a lot of gut issues and each doctor told me different things to do to feel better and get healthy again, but none of them got me back to health or feeling completely better. They helped some, but I still didn’t feel right and had a feeling other things were wrong that I didn’t know about. Over the years, I have really learned to read my body and know when it’s not happy. So I decided to go to see Dr. Cole. It has been about 5 months and I couldn’t be more happy with my journey with Dr. Cole and his staff. Dr. Cole ran additional tests and there were some tests that came back abnormal that I hadn’t even been tested for before. Dr. Cole put me on a nutritional plan as well as supplements and 5 months in, I feel so much better, have so much more energy and look forward to the rest of my journey with Dr. Cole and team. It’s so nice to not worry about eating something and my stomach hurting because it no longer does that. I travel a lot for work, so his staff is great with helping me with foods that I can travel with that are part of my particular food protocol, and if I get bored with recipes or foods, they send me more ideas. If you have been struggling with health issues and haven’t been able to find a doctor who has been able to help you identify what is wrong and then how to attack those issues so you feel great again, I strongly suggest you go see Dr. Cole.”