I am almost pain free with Chripractic therapy

Testimonial for Dean Tindall for Neck Pain

I am almost pain free with Chripractic therapy
Neck Pain
Cecile - November 15, 2017 "Thank you Dr. Tindall to the moon and back!! Last year at my first visit we discovered my neck was horrific on X-ray and I could barely move it. A few adjustments and I was pain free! Today almost a year later I woke up in agony again barely able to turn my head right. Despite my fear of getting my neck cracked I called etown chiro and they got me right in to see Dr. Tindall. I instantly felt better! And tonight I am almost pain free ! The man is incredible and by far the best chiropractor I have been to (as a horse trainer with a disaster of a skeleton I have been to many!) thank you again for such great service." ?- Facebook