Helped me heal my pancreatitis with Ayurveda

Testimonial for Shikha Prakash for Pancreatitis

Helped me heal my pancreatitis with Ayurveda
Padaav - In one word if I have to describe it would be ‘miraculous’. We had tried all possible best of the doctors across Mumbai & Delhi, but my wife’s chronic pancreatitis could not be controlled. Then through internet search for an alternate therapy, got to know about Padaav. Initially we were sceptical as it was an Ayurvedic treatment, with which we were not so sure. But since we had no option left in Allopathic Treatment, we decided to try an alternate route. Padaav - turned out to be an apt resort in true sense. We started the treatment in April 2017. The initial days were difficult, as there was a sudden change in diet pattern. No one would have thought for a chronic pancreatitic patient having such great amount rich food that they started giving. They were confident that things will be fine in a few days. And guess what, absolutely true. Within 3-4 days, things came back to normal. And then what, there was no looking back. They gave a complete plan of diet and routine, which they made us practice at Padaav itself during the 21 day stay there. Those learnings have changed our life. Today after completing over 7 months of the treatment, my wife has got the best of medical reports. She is on no medicine and can eat almost everything. Special mention that I would like to do is of Vaidya Shikha Prakash. What an inspiration to all this lady is. There is no moment when she is not there for patients. Her knowledge + sharp aptitude coupled with the divine attitude has led to her unmatched excellence & expertise in the domain within a very quick time. And most importantly, its not just when you are under treatment that you are given response; it continues forever. They are there through any issues that the patient goes through during and even after the treatment. Only thing one must ensure from their side is discipline - of eating and routine. If you are willing to do that then Padaav is the answer for all patients looking for a solution to chronic pancreatitis. Their medicine ‘AMAR’ truly justifies the name.