Healing for my stress and anxiety

Testimonial for Priyanka Bakhru for Anxiety Disorders,Stress

Healing for my stress and anxiety
Anxiety Disorders
“Being a healer myself the joy of seeing people have breakthroughs and finding release through situations they have been stuck in for decades can never be described in words . But to find that release for myself especially when the role of reaching out takes so much precedence is where Priyanka comes in . She is my healer. And a healer with genuine compassion and great instincts. Her methods have one goal: how can your life be better than what it is . It's no surprise that her healing is practical, solution oriented and with one motive : pushing you to experience freedom. As a healer it's very easy to preach but Priyanka lives by what she says . Her ability to crystallize problems in a very simple relatable manner minus the esotericism is what makes her connect with people at a very human level . To me she propelled me to my next level and I am grateful for that always”