Felt relief from weight problems with Functional Medicine

Testimonial for Deborah Post for Weight Problems

Felt relief from weight problems with Functional Medicine
Weight Problems
Functional Medicine
I thought I would give you a little update on me before I dart out to the gym… yes, you read that correctly – the gym! I took Deb’s sage counsel and joined a gym here in Albuquerque. I worked with a trainer to design my weight lifting program and I am diligently following the plan! When I started, there were many tasks that I could not even do! Now I’m able to complete everything and have even increased the weight load! I am feeling stronger and more fit! I cannot tell you enough how you have changed my life – literally! I continue to be gluten free and try to eat as Paleo as possible. I sometimes slip in that brown rice or sweet potato. I avoid dairy but continue to battle with the sugar – I just crave it! Somedays, I win and some days the sugar wins… but I will continue to work towards a healthier plan. Weight is coming off – although, since working with weights, my body is changing more than the scale. I am down 3 sizes in jeans!