Anxiety and stress healing from Functional Medicine

Testimonial for Deborah Post for Anxiety Disorders,Stress

Anxiety and stress healing from Functional Medicine
Anxiety Disorders
Functional Medicine
I want to say THANK YOU!! I am feeling much better these days and considering it is the close of tax season, I am thankful to you. Last week one of my long time clients who I see on a weekly basis said to me “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t seem to be stressed out/tired this tax season”. Today my trainer said to me “I don’t know what you are doing these days but you seem to have a lot more energy and stamina and you seem less stressed”. Wow! For two people to notice a difference in me makes me feel good and appreciative to you for changing my life! I don’t know what my blood work will show in June, but your medical advice is working as my friends/clients notice a change in me. I can honestly say I hate being dairy free, but being gluten free/red meat free and organic has been easy! Thank you for making me better! It has only been a month, just a short time, but I do feel different! I look forward to our next visit!