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210, Rose Icon Society Road, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra, India
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February 24, 2020
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Vaidya Yogesh Joshi
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Ayushmann Ayurveda Center
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Women's Health and Pregnancy
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Data Analysis of Participants in SRUJANANKUR MODULE 

A preliminary Analysis of Participants’ Feedback (n = 215) • Out of 363 participants data of 215 participants who had attended the program for a minimum 3 months is taken in consideration for analysis. The data was collected after each session.

A structured feedback form was used. All sessions were very well accepted (100%) with excellent safety profiles. The analysis reflects 29 variables with 26 components of body (12) and mind (17). Mother specific variables were 23 and foetus specific variables were 6.

Effects are proportional to the adherence to sessions Points of observations in Garbhasanskar Session:

 • Level of stress 

• Concentration in work 

• Level Of Acceptance 

• Mind Stability 

• Feeling of Happiness 

• Understanding of good values 

• Level Of Acceptance 

• Anxiety 

• Depression 

• Fear values 

• Stability in breathing Rhythm 

• Increase in Positive thinking 

• Sound Sleep 

Effects of Garbhasanskar Sessions

Out of 215 Participants, 97 % results were reported in Anxiety, Mind Stability, Positive Thinking and Sound Sleep.Improvement in other dimensions were reported by all 100 % participants. 

Points of observations in Music Therapy Session 

• Level of stress 

• Response of baby during listening classical Music 

• Response of baby during Active participation in 

• Effect of Music therapy session 

• Stability in breathing Rhythm 

• Response of baby during Active participation in Music therapy 

• Liked Active participation 

• Response of Baby 

• Response of baby during live Instrumental Music session 

• Stability in breathing Rhythm 

• Feeling of Happiness 

• Anxiety 

• Awareness in Breathing Effects of Music Therapy 

Effect of Music Therapy:

Out of 215 Participants, 95 % of them reported in effect on breathing of baby; 98 % of them reported breathing stability, positive effects of music. • Improvement in other dimensions of music effects were reported by all 100 % participants. 

Points of observations in Yoga Session 

• Back problems 

• Muscle strength & Tone 

• Joint problems 

• Flexibility of Abdomen Muscles 

• Work stress 

• Postural Flexibility Yoga Effects on Musculoskeletal Status

Yoga Effects on Musculoskeletal Status

Out of 215 Participants, back problems and muscle strength were improved in all of them. • Improvement in other problems were 97 – 98 % 

Further Plan of Research 

• Qualitative research involving in depth interviews (n=60) with focus on acceptance, convenience and effects observed by mother 

• Short term and long term effects assessment by cohort study approach 

• Experts with research experience (Dr Girish Tillu and Dr Swapnil Gadhave) 

• Challenges involved: assessment variables, long term effects and subjective assessment


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