Nageen Sharma
Craniosacral therapy
Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
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Total years in practice: 3

Published Date
June 30, 2016
Abstract Authors
Sang-Yong Park, Yu-Kyong Shin, Hee-Taek Kim, Yong Min Kim, Don-Gil Lee, Eunson Hwang, Byung-Goo Cho, Chang Shik Yin, Ki-Young Kim, Tae Hoo Yi
Abstract Source
J Ginseng Res. 2016 Jul ;40(3):260-8. Epub 2015 Aug 31. PMID: 27616902
Abstract Affiliation
Sang-Yong Park
Study Type
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Abstract Content
During the aging process, skin shows visible changes, characterized by a loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles due to reduced collagen production and decreased elasticity of elastin fibers. Panax ginseng Meyer has been used as a traditional medicine for various s due to its wide range of biological activities including skin protective effects. Ginsenosides are the main components responsible for the biological activities of ginseng. However, the protective activities of an enzymatic preparation of red ginseng against human skin aging have not been investigated.
The efficacy of an enzyme-treated powder complex of red ginseng (BG11001) in preventing human skin aging was evaluated by oral administration to 78 randomized individuals. All patients were requested to take three daily capsules containing either 750 mg of BG11001 or a placebo vehicle for 24 wk; at the end of the testing period, skin roughness, elasticity, and skin water content were measured.
BG11001 significantly reduced the average roughness of eye wrinkles and the Global Photo Damage Score compared with the placebo, although there were no significant differences in arithmetic roughness average between the groups. In addition, gross elasticity and net elasticity values increased, and transepidermal water loss level decreased, indicating improved skin elasticity and moisture content.
In conclusion, enzyme-treated red ginseng extract significantly improved eye wrinkle roughness, skin elasticity, and moisture content. Moreover, enzyme-treated red ginseng extract would be useful substance as a bio-health skin care product.
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