Oats Khichdi vegetarian meal for weight loss

Useful for : weight loss, altered lipid profile, diabetes, high protein vegetarian meal

Oats are extremely high in fibre and combining it with a pulse also helps us give good quality proteins. This is a very easy to prepare breakfast recipe that gives us a break from our regular oats porridge. Adding vegetables to it makes it rich in vitamin and minerals too. I prefer adding the vegetable stalk instead of water to cook oats so that we do not lose water soluble vitamin too.

Key ingredients-
Split and peeled green gram

Method for preparation
You may find the recipe on many Indian recipes’ websites. However, I prepare Oats Khichdi that is very similar to this; variations can be done in vegetables -http://indianhealthyrecipes.com/oats-khichdi-recipe-indian-oats-recipes/

Nutritional information – 2tbsp of oats and 1 tbsp of dal will make 1 small bowl(1 serving) which will give:-

  1. Calories- 160 kcal
    Carbohydrates- 21g
    Fats- 4g

  2. It is a rich source of vitamin a, c and a fairly good source of calcium and iron.

A research published in American journal of nutrition shows consuming oats daily reduces LDL and cholesterol. This effect is due to the presence of beta-glucans in oats. Beta- glucans is a soluble fibre that reduces blood glucose rise and cholesterol. Hence it is a good meal for diabetics and heart patients.