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One of the best ways for weight loss is eating egg whites because eggs are capable of leaving you fuller longer than breakfast cereals. Bear in mind that egg white is also an excellent ingredient for skincare and its one of the most used ingredients for face masks. Dermatologists recommended it for an all-natural solution for treating acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and dull, dry skin[1]

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1 : :  slice: :  toast rice bran bread: : 
1 : :  cup: :  yoghurt: : 


Whisk up the egg whites in a medium mixing bowl. Cook eggs on medium heat in a small frying pan, let it brown on one side for a minute; then, flip and serve. You can combine eggs with fresh parsley, before cooking them or when you serve them on the plate just sprinkle parsley over the scrambled eggs. Serve with toast and yogurt.


Nutrition: Egg white also contains 3.6 mg of magnesium which acts in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body, counting the metabolism of food and synthesis of fatty acids and proteins[2].

Science and Research

Egg whites contain a maximal amount of egg proteins and essential nutrients, with a minimal amount of saturated fats. Moreover, egg whites are a low-acidic food, which do not increase the stomach acidity and also provide many nutrients and proteins to the body.

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