Hard Boiled Eggs For Kidney Disease

Decreased Vitamin D can lead to an increase in the risk of osteoporosis, muscle weakness, falls, fractures, and weak immune systems (Kolbe, 2014). In the case of food like hard-boiled eggs, the egg yolk contains phosphorus and is also rich in Vitamin D. In addition, Vitamin D can be beneficial for boosting your immune system as well. However, some kidney patients are advised not to eat egg yolk and only eat egg white for protein intake.

People with CKD suffer from excessive Vitamin D deficiency. Research has proven that supplementing Vitamin D in CKD patients can help reduce the rate of mortality and morbidity significantly. Vitamin D can be ingested via food such as hard-boiled egg, milk, and skin synthesis. CKD patients should consult a medical expert to tailor their diet plans according to their kidney condition. Patients with CKD stage 3 are generally advised to stay away from egg yolk because of high phosphorous content. Consult with a dietitian to help you plan your diet, protein intake, and foods to avoid.

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