Corn Pasta with Avacado Sauce and Spinach Recipe

People who eat Avacado regularly are much healthier because Avacado contains monounsaturated fatty acids, high level of dietary fibers and other essential nutrients and phytochemicals.

5 : :  oz: :  corn pasta: : 
2 : :  tablespoon: :  parsley: : 
1 : :  medium: :  avocado: : 
1/2 : :  cup: :  fat free plain yoghurt: : 
1 : :  teaspoon: :  extra virgin olive oil: : 

Preparation: Cook the pasta and put all the ingredients in the blender to make the dressing.

Spinach and Avocados make a healthy addition to the diet for people with GERD. These foods contain zinc, which is known to decrease the acid reflux in many patients. Moreover, replacing wheat with corn makes this recipe easier to digest for the GERD sufferers.

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