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February 28, 2020
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Abdominal Pain, Anxiety Disorders

I wish I could give Lila Yoga Studios 100 stars. I make sure to attend at least one yoga class at the studio every day to ensure that I’m being the kindest to my body, my mind, and my community. The positive energy in these classes is unparalleled in any other yoga classes I’ve ever taken. It’s simply magical. I’ve come to realize my own importance in these classes and you will too. “You can’t edit yourself out” (Erica) so it’s important to participate in the change with others and evolve and grow to our fullest. I recommend these experiences to any soul wishing to be kind to themselves and do what is good and healthy for mind, body, and spirit. Never feel intimidated. You will find a comfortable place here. Each class is your own experience at this studio.

All of the instructors are fantastic- you can’t go wrong. Some amazing ones include Hannah and Debmalya as well as newer instructors like Chris, Haley, and Bridget. I’ve never had a bad experience, but I specifically want to highlight studio owner and personal favorite Erica Kaufman. I even flew across the country from Seattle, where I live, mainly to take a few more classes with her!

I very recently completed my 200-hour teacher training with Erica and have taken a countless number of her classes and every class has a quality that is beautifully indescribable. The fact that I can’t name it is its attribute because it is only something one can experience, something one can only feel if one actually takes her class. She is so present and vibrant in the space, it’s truly incredible. She incorporates the perfect amount of challenge mixed in with healing mental clarity and calmness that leads one to the maximum physical and mental health benefits one can attain from such a practice.

When I write these words in my review, I honestly can say I only speak so highly of Erica and my own parents- that’s it. So, I really want to emphasize Erica’s profoundness with intention and solidity. Erica taught me that it’s important not to idolize individuals, but Erica is someone whose knowledge of yoga and wisdom about life are two categories she deserves high respect for. I’m so glad Lila Yoga is currently being spread all over the world and I hope it touches the lives of many people for generations to come and I also hope that it affects people as powerfully as it has me. It has remarkably changed me for the better through the past recent months. I came to the studio lost and depressed, a lonely troubled soul bogged down in the stress of daily college life, searching for meaning and purpose. My actions and intentions contained no philosophy, no theme. Until I studied with Erica, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It was with Erica’s guidance that I realized what was missing in my daily life. I did not see beyond what I could immediately see until I was put on a path of self-discovery. Each person is different, so I encourage every person reading this to find your own path. We all have a path to greater clarity in our lives and we never really stop finding ourselves.

After a period of rapid change, I am now constantly searching for positivity and light, and, for lack of a better verb, exhaling the toxicity created by my past self. I constantly strive to better myself every day and every decision I make is with precise intention. I focus on the health of my physical body, my mental health, the intention of my actions, my breath, my posture, my words, my kindness to others, and the purity of my heart. I encourage everyone of all shapes and sizes and ability levels, for the goodness of your health and our community whether in State College or the world at large, to take classes at Lila and to start taking classes with Erica. You will change. You will transform. You will feel more connected to others and your own self. Just my two cents.

Lots of love,

Erin Shea 💗🙏

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