Yoga has helped me with relief from Chronic Pain

Clairefrance Perez

Clairefrance Perez


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Chronic Pain



I have been dealing with spinal stenosis, and in chiropractic for nearly three months of 3x weekly adjustments only to be left limping and feeling pained throughout my body. So exhausting! What I did not know is that yoga could move me not only out of my pain but also out of the fear that my final vertebra which I had crunched in a bad fall, would never heal. Hogwash. Dear Rachel has transformed my pain completely in one (wow. two-hour, private) session. If you have back pain of any variety, allow Rachel to walk you through the steps to liberation. First, she asked me to find a way to either sit, lay or stand that would not hurt. It was with a few tries with various props under me or around my body that I could finally find a position which was not painful. Then she started slowly going over my legs, pulling, asking me to resist sometimes or to flex my toes. We didn't stop except to laugh. I'm almost 62 and was going on 93. But now I'm back, and that is in one session, to feeling like I'm not "fatal." OMG. Thank you, Rachel, amiga mia.

Yoga Coach: Yoga Divina

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