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My wife Priya Jain took consultancy services from her and results were just amazing. We have been trying all options for weight loss and had paid hefty sum of money to VLCC but the results were not Upto the level of our expectation. Monotonous routine being followed by them led loosing interest in weight loss treatment.
Then one day my wife started exploring something new for weight loss and found Nalini. She initially took a trial pack of 15 days and results were good. Her monitoring and supervision was so good that results were awesome.
She again took a monthly subscription and followed the same.
My wife lost 7 kgs in 45 days without starving for food. Her whole body got reenergized and the best part was the positivity she gained in her attitude. Earlier she was always irritated for something or other due to regular failure in weight loss.
Skin started glowing again giving her a lot of confidence.
Following a diet plan makes you take more care of yourself and understanding ones.
I would recommend her to everyone looking for a good dietician.

Dietitian: Dietitian Nalini

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