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January 02, 2020
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Back Pain, Shoulder Pain

Thank you, Dra. Kyung/Eliz Lee for treating other people's pain through your expertise in Acupuncture. :)

My boyfriend is suffering a shoulder and back pain since 2018. He always goes to the hospital to know what is wrong with his body. He takes medicine but it has no effect, the pain is still there. He also suffers from insomnia because of stress. Until one time he met someone and talked that he is suffering a shoulder and back pain, thank God because she had shoulder and back pain also when she is in abroad. She told him that Acupuncture is the solution to his problem. We are thankful because we have Acupuncture Clinic here in Mindoro. By the way, He had 7 sessions now, the results of every session are amazing! 😍 He feels no pain now and he also has a good sleep. Thank you! Thank you! 😊

PS. I also try Acupuncture in my face, I had 3 sessions and I love the result. I look 5 years younger! 😍 My face is so slim like Dra. Eliz 😊 Thank you, Dra. Kyung/Eliz! You're so very kind to us. More clients to come! 😊

Try Acupuncture to prove it yourself! 😁

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