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August 03, 2019
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I started seeing Rebecca about 3 months ago and I'm so incredibly grateful. I've experienced on and off tinnitus for years that is usually triggered by TMD. This time it was different and I was experiencing the worst tinnitus I have ever had my entire life. Couldn't sleep for weeks without a sound machine and the anxiety that came with my fear of what's wrong and will I ever get better was so awful. Rebecca explained to me what was happening and made me feel so at ease and hopeful that I will get through this. I am now doing much better, the tinnitus still creeps up a little bit but I no longer have to sleep with a sound machine and I feel 1000lbs of worry have been lifted from my shoulders. I am also making more changes in my life with different kinds of exercise and nutrition that have been inspired for me to do through this current healing experience. Rebecca said to be the first time I saw her "Tinnitus is a bell going off telling your body to listen." Well, that bell has made me listen big time and although I still have more work to do I am listening more than ever. Acupuncture is incredible, thank you, Rebecca, �see you next week!

Acupuncturist: Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

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