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September 08, 2018
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My friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma 6 years ago. He refused hospital treatment and crushed CANCER (Hodgkins lymphoma) 6 years ago.



He conducted hundreds of hours of research and decided that he would treat myself. The following was my treatment for over 2 years:

1) Drank carrot juice mixed with 1 spoon of black seed oil 3 times a day,

2) No sugar whatsoever, made my body alkaline,

3) No meat or chicken, just ate fruit and veg, mainly grapes with seeds, pineapple, papaya dates and avocado.

4) Apricot seeds 25-35 seeds a day,

5) Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, handful a day,

6) Zinc tablet 17 mg, vitamin C tablet 2000 mg, 3-6 pancreatic enzyme tablets, selenium tablet daily.

7) Milk thistle in green tea.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be food - Hippocrates the father of medicine.

The seed is meat for you - The Holy. My friend found essential oils very helpful as well.

“For every disease there is a medicine, and if that medicine is applied to the disease, .” And he ) has not sent down any disease but He has also sent down the cure; the one who knows it, knows it and the one who does not know it, does not know it.”

The above is not advice on how to treat cancer, but my personal account on how my friend beat it.

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