Reproductive Health Issues are in Control with Acupuncture

Madilyn Malott

Madilyn Malott


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Women's Health and Pregnancy





I struggle with severe reproductive health issues, and have for about 7 years now. I’ve tried many medications and preventative measures over the years, and this spring my illness got to the point in which I was in so much pain that daily functioning became difficult. All my doctor could do was prescribe heavy narcotics to try and dull the pain. The only step left was an invasive surgery that has little long-term benefit. I made the appointment with the surgeon but was unsettled. I shared this with a friend who told me to check out Thompson Family for acupuncture. I was skeptical but I made an appointment. The week before my first acupuncture appointment, I almost went to the ER twice from the pain. After three treatments and taking herbs and following the food suggestions, I was completely pain free. That was back in February and I haven’t had my painful symptoms since. Honestly, I was so skeptical of acupuncture and I hate needles, but I cannot ignore the extreme results I have received. Instead of just treating the symptoms and giving me more pills, eastern medicine focuses on the cause and in turn the symptoms are helped.

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