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August 02, 2019
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My mom has been suffering from chronic pain and has always suffered from migraines. I was tired of seeing her seek medical attention -doctors visits, trips to the ER- and just a cabinet full of medications that she had to take daily. Relief was always short lived.
I’ve been urging her to look into giving acupuncture a chance, but she was skeptical.
Within this past year, her migraines became more intense, and the chronic pain has now traveling to other parts of her.
At this point, it became so unbearable that she was desperate. So one day, I decided to just google a place that offered acupuncture, and went with one that had good ratings/reviews, & made the appointment.
We usually see Dr. Peter, but he’s out today, so Dr. Janice took care of her today. Both are great, and I’m sure you’ll be in good hands no matter who you see here in their practice!

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