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January 29, 2020
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I met Aruna at a seminar she was giving at Good Harvest Market. The subject was about healthy living and the relationship with mental health. I was in the middle of my journey to better health through weight management and intrigued by the relationship between nutrition and mental health. She shared many things that evening with the group including her research and concern about understanding the integrative (whole) view of each person. Clearly the problems of mental illness are increasing and that new approaches are needed.

About a year later and physically much healthier I then began to see Aruna at the Trinergy Center for Integrative Psychiatry. I had already been able to rid myself of nearly all my medications but the psychiatric medicines still remained. This began a journey of further discovery of nutrition; blood analysis, genetic testing, and supplements to support my specific needs. She also recommended herbal support methods to help me cope with stresses and fend off anxieties using natural methods. She understands and practices long understood eastern sciences of food, nutrition, body, and mental health. I am now in balance and have been able to eliminate those remaining medications. I continue to utilize herbal and nutrition supplements to maximize my health.

Nutritionist: Trinergy Center For Integrative Psychiatry

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