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May 29, 2019
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Back Pain

I was suffering from severe hip and back pain from too many hours in a car traveling and not dedicating enough time to stretching. I was barely able to put on my shoes and socks or get in and out of bed without wincing. I could tolerate the pain, but as a CrossFitter it was extremely frustrating to be so inactive. I saw Vinny for two sessions of mobilizing and various muscular therapy techniques and I cannot believe how much my condition improved in just those 2 sessions! I was able to walk normally again and even take on some light swimming within 24 hours. I was also able to have a message (which I definitely wouldn't have been able to previously). I saw Alex who expertly assessed what my body needed and intuitively applied the right amount of pressure without any need for direction from me. Seriously, this was one of the best massages I've EVER had. I didn't just receive excellent treatment and care at Wrightstown Health and Fitness, but I was given practical advice and learned a couple of new tricks to take home with me. I'm very sad that I don't live nearby to be able to keep going here! Thank you, Vinny, Alex & all your staff for the high standard of care and service you provided during my short time in PA. You made me feel better in every possible way!

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