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September 08, 2018
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In November 2017 my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The doctor removed a small tumor 3 cm. It took us a month and a half to be able to get a follow up appointment and had no idea what was the outcome of the situation. When we finally got to follow up the doctor said my father will need to get his bladder removed and have chemo and radiation. We

both knew that wasn’t the route we wanted to go. I lived in a legal state for marijuana where he did not. I knew I had to get my dad out to my place so we can get him started on taking marijuana to fight the cancer. Shortly after we arrived in February he begun passing blood clots, very large blood clots the size of my finger. We rushed him to the hospital where they had to flush his kidneys, ureters and bladder. They had to put stints in but couldn’t manage to put one in on the right side. A tumor had grown the size of the palm of my hand blocking this area in his bladder so they couldn’t place the stint in his ureter. They had to put a nephrostomy tube in his back to drain his right kidney. All of this sent us into a panic and I researched every holistic protocol I could to battle this cancer.



We begun eating a completely plant based vegan diet free of sugar or any white grains. Juicing as much as we possibly could. I found a place to take him to get high dose vitamin c infusions. While we were there we found out he also offered b17 so we added that and b complex to his infusions. I learned how to make RSO and canna butter using coconut oil and got him on the RSO protocol. I begun giving him a huge list of herbs such as

Essiac tea

Pao d'arco

Slippery elm

Passion flower

Fever few

Dandelion root and leaf

Marshmallow root

Wood worm

Black walnut hull



Rose hips



Turmeric and black pepper


St. John's wort



Cats claw





Reshi mushroom

On Monday he went in to get a CT scan without contrast and today we got the results back. His scan was completely clean!!!! We will not be stopping any of this we will continue all the protocols and continue on the plant based vegan lifestyle because it works!! I really hope our story can help others searching for answers on how to beat cancer. Edited to also add he eats apricot seeds everyday as well.

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