Panchakarma therapy helped me with my Menses

Jennifer L

Jennifer L


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Seeing Dr. Shanbaugh was my first experience with an Ayurvedic doctor and I thought it a bit hokey the way he took my pulse and made comments about my health, but it was completely accurate! I was vegan at the time and he respected I didn't want to eat ghee. His demeanor was polite and inquisitive without being judgmental. I asked if my vegan diet was to blame--no, he said my body wasn't producing enough cholesterol and you don't need to eat cholesterol to efficiently produce it.

After one month of following his protocols of Panchakarma, my menses returned! I was so grateful and finally felt like a real woman again! I highly recommend Dr Shanbaugh! He takes his time with you to address the root causes of your concern; and how wonderful that his wife focuses on nutrition.

I crossed paths with Dr Shanbaugh at the Bastyr Herb Fair many years ago. He's such a pleasant, approachable person; I wish he still practiced in Seattle.

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