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May 23, 2019
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I started nutrition therapy couple years back. At that time, I had quite bad eczema on the edge of hair scalp near to neck. Dry peeling skin and red expose patch always appears. My weight was a little on the lower end of the average. Stomach was always giving me bloating and causing frequent one sided headache on the left sometimes leaving me feeling nauseous. Since I went on supplements therapy, my health I would says it's on the road to great improvement though I still a one symptom that I'm challenging (intrusive thoughts stemming from OCD). I would say that I have gained weight, my immunity has improved a lot, the eczema is very very minimal. So, I would continue to work with this wonderful and humanistic Nutritionist, on getting 100% well in my overall being as they always says "Health is Wealth".

Expert Name: Vivianna Wou

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