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June 28, 2019
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Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Martin is nothing short of a gift from above.
I had been on escitalopram (anxiety medication) for two years, as well as a proton pumps inhibitor for acid reflux. I was getting tired of taking medication, 1) because the anxiety meds had so many contraindications to other drugs, even stuff off the shelf. Dextromethorphan, for example, a very common ingredient in cough syrup used as a cough suppressant, combined with escitalopram, has a risk of a seratonin syndrome, a potentially fatal condition.
2) proton pump inhibitors are not meant to be taken for years. They are known to lower calcium levels and cause other deficiencies and health problems.

I don't have a family doctor so every time I went to a walk-in I was given more pills. I expressed my concern over the pills and asked several times about an endoscopy to see about the reflux but every time I was told that "people get over-scoped." And that it was not necessary. I think two years of pills without any sign of improvement is warrant enough to finally see what's going on in there, but the general practitioners at the walk-ins didn't share my sentiment.

By December 2017, my health had deteriorated alarmingly. I was fuzzy in the head all the time, mood swings like crazy, fatigued and nauseous all day long. Daily anxiety attacks that got so bad I was genuinely surprised when I woke up the next morning. Could not believe I was still alive. Thought for sure that night was it.

I had heard from a friend about Dr. Martin and how he helped her -and a friend whom she had learned about Dr. Martin from. I liked that from visit one, you were given a thermal scan to assess inflammation, a blood test to assess hormones, minerals and the general state of health of your blood itself from a molecular level. That's way more treatment than I ever got from a walk-in.

So I made my appointment and off to Sudbury, I went (from North Bay). In the very first visit, I was found to have a lot of inflammation in the pec/shoulder/neck and facial area. Two hormone imbalances, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, dehydration, and a host of mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Martin knew my poor diet of processed/refined foods, high intake of carbohydrates (glycolytic foods) and lack of healthy fats (lipolytic foods) and lack of fruits and vegetables was a major problem and contributing factor to my condition. Dr. Martin explained all this to me in a way that was easy to process and understand. He also gave me a game plan of work I needed to do moving forward if I wanted to reclaim my health.

Dr. Martin has a host of his own brand of proprietary supplements to help you along your way, and I am very pleased to say he is not pushy with them. He doesn't try to sell you anything you don't need. With all the issues I had, he only recommended two of his products, the two most important that would likely correct many of the issues I was having. He easily could have sold me on way more than two but it is clear to me Dr. Martin is only genuinely interested in you and helping you reclaim your health and not at all interested in overselling you his supplements to squeeze a few extra dollars from you.

I went back one month later for an initial follow up and adhering to Dr. Martin's advice I had already made a lot of progress. My blood was looking better, I was not dehydrated, I had lost eight pounds and I was already generally feeling much better than I was one month prior.

Fast forward another four months, I'm down 20lbs total. I went from 190 to 170 just by changing my eating habits. My blood is looking great, my hormones are in balance, I no longer have leaky gut, I'm not showing any symptoms of adrenal fatigue, my mineral levels are on par and inflammation is a memory of the past. I'm also completely off the escitalopram and proton pump inhibitors and my digestive health have never been better.

I finally feel normal again. In fact, not only am I feeling normal, at 34yrs old, I'm feeling so much better than I almost feel like a teenager again! I haven't felt this great or have had this much energy since I was a teen.

I'm not going to say it wasn't a lot of work on my part, it was. But with Dr. Martin's help, I was able to reclaim my health and increase the quality of my life.

I'm definitely going to continue on this journey Dr. Martin has set me on, just because I'm feeling better does not mean I want to fall back into my old ways. I was well on my way to such things as diabetes and cardiovascular disease without any doubt. If I had continued in my old ways there is no question I would have seen an early grave, so I don't think it's slightly cliche or dramatic to say Dr. Martin helped save my life.

So I guess that's my story and my review of Martin Clinic.
The only words I can think to say now, are THANK YOU!


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