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September 19, 2019
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Tooth Pain

This past spring my boyfriend had an abscessed root that was extremely painful (only time I've seen him cry in 5 years) that he went to the dentist for. The dentist told him he needed a root canal asap. I, knowing the long term damage done by root canals, did not wish for him to get one so I scheduled a phone consult for him with Mary. They talked that same day and she told him what remedies to buy locally and overnighted a few more to us. After beginning the remedies we could buy locally and the ones Mary sent to us the infection cleared. When he went back for another xray the next week his dentist was shocked by the healing that was seen. Thank you Mary for saving him from a root canal and for your ability to be available for a time sensitize matter. I will definitely use Mary in the future.

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