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May 29, 2019
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis
Naturopathic Medicine

"After receiving a recommendation, I visited Tania back in February after my symptoms had gotten a lot worse than they had been over the last few years. I have had these symptoms for years but they had always been dismissed as various causes like food intolerance, ulcer, IBS and I just learned to live with them. Following that first consult, without any tests been done, Tania was able to provide me with some insight into what was going in with my gut. At my next appointment, the medical tests confirmed what she had thought and that I had a "leaky gut". After that, I went on a treatment plan which incorporated diet and lifestyle and various dietary supplements to aid my recovery. Along the way, Tania has educated me considerably on how I got leaky gut, why the symptoms happen and how and what foods can help. She also stressed the importance of balancing output and input so making sure I get enough downtime and not doing too much. Right now, I have completed my treatment plan with the dietary supplements and am continuing with maintaining the right nutritional and lifestyle choices so my symptoms do not re-occur or take over my life again. However, as I am now so much more knowledgeable about what is happening, I am much more confident in being able to address the symptoms and hopefully get over them."

Naturopath Doctor: Tania Flack Naturopath

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