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May 29, 2019
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"After my daughter turned 1 in November of 2016, I began feeling extremely faint every so often and daily I felt exhausted to the point where I sat and laid down a lot - I simply did not feel well. I had just come off of nursing, and truly my body was in a state of depletion from losing weight so fast after her birth and nursing. I seemed to get through the holidays and then January of 2017 I became very ill with a plethora of different symptoms like continuing to feel extremely faint and often near passing out, very nauseous, anxiety, hardly able to walk because I was so weak and faint, extreme brain fog, night tremors, pounding heart in the night and every time I would have bowel movements or heightened emotions the symptoms would worsen. It was all so intense to the point where I couldn’t watch my 2 and 3-year-old and needed help 24/7 for almost 10 months. Like, how are we supposed to plan for this kind of changed plans in life? I became dependent on my family and clung to Jesus like never before to get through such a difficult trial, and I am forever grateful for them!!
I went to my doctor numerous times and to the emergency room three times. After a plethora of testings (Multiple blood tests, abdominal CT scan, X-ray, HIDA scan (gallbladder), colonoscopy, endoscopy, stool test) for three straight months, and a big chunk of money later, the doctors continued to tell me that I was normal and every test showed that I was healthy and normal. It actually became the joke in my family that “I was normal”. Guys, if you’re not feeling well, that is not normal. And if you’ve sought your doctor and are not getting answers, then I am telling you that a biofeedback scan along with Melissa Malinowski’s experience and passion for people to be in full health is your answer! She was an answer to my family and my prayers. I began my appointments with her in June of 2017 and right away I began to finally see why I was so ill each visit or Biofeedback scan. The onion continued to peel. And even though it has been a long road to recovery, because of the chronic illness, as of today, March 2018, I am almost back to my normal, even better, energetic self. I give God all the glory for my renewed health and I am so thankful how He orchestrated for me to find out about Melissa’s practice through a client of my mom’s at her salon. It was so random, but so the Lord. Between a healthy diet, supplements, homeopathic drops, some at-home techniques, and the amazing Biofeedback scans -all through Melissa’s expertise, it has all given my life back and I couldn’t be more grateful. And most important, my kids have their momma back!

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