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January 29, 2020
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My wife and I found Alkaline Wellness in Nov-2019 and have had a wonderful experience with the amazing Alkaline Wellness Team!

We both signed up for new student 1st month special and had some great classes and interactions with the instructors and class participants. We are now signed up for the full monthly package and both tried an Aerial Yoga is amazing and allows you to get much deeper into your stretches!

We both feel stronger and more limber after just 5 weeks! A special thank-you to Victoria, Gina, Jessica and Elizabeth (plus several other teachers) for making us feel so welcome and taking the time to help us with our individual needs!

If you have a chance sign up for the bi-monthly Beginners Yoga Workshop taught by Dr. Connie Jean (the owner)!! It was amazing and really went deep into each pose to help you do it with the correct form!

I just read through the entire website and plan to sign-up for a consultation with Dr. Jeon to discuss the Alkaline program.

Thank-you Alkaline Wellness!!!

Yoga Therapist: Alkaline Wellness Center

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