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January 29, 2020
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I'm leaving a good mark on this page in the hope that people will see it and think about what I've written! There are a few places in my life that have meant more to me than this clinic. They are multi-faceted, kind of like a crystal ball! If I have an issue with food, which I believe most do that come through their doors, there is a coach that you can contact; if there is a question about nutritional information, there is a dietetic for that; there is a way of movement which is important for your physiology AND your body type, there is an exercise coach; if you have medical questions or need to know how to take one of their testings we go through, there is a nurse; if you need supplements they are available and someone to help you with it (he also knows IT stuff which makes finding Owls and Zoom a breeze (and happy to answer any questions about your cell phone; if you need a financial specialist that knows what you need and how to get it, there's a person for this; if you need a good receptionist who keeps everyone pretty much in the know, she's there too. Testing techniques are epic.
If you need a doctor-scientist with i-don't -know-how-many degrees behind his name, he's there. His idea and ideals of them all come down to one thing...they care, they know, and positive results are just a matter of time. If I've left anyone out I apologize. And after sleeping overnight, I realize I did leave some things out! If you're a reader, Barbara Kinslover's book, 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' is the book on review with their book club; and a host takes you through a herb garden and has knowledge of their health benefits. I totally love this place and all they have to offer. If you follow their lead, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Epic Functional Medicine Clinic. I think you saved my life!

Functional Medicine Doctor: EPIC Functional Medicine Center

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