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June 29, 2019
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Tendon Injury

My husband Ron had experienced serious discomfort as a result of chronic tendonitis in his right shoulder. Physical Therapy and home exercises provided some relief, but the problem persisted. Receiving acupuncture treatment at Seattle Acupuncture Wellness Center has made all the difference in his condition. He can sit comfortably for long periods and resume taking 3-hour walks without stopping repeatedly to stretch his shoulder. He has also experienced significant relief of tendonitis in his ankle, thanks to acupuncture treatment at the center. The quality of his life has improved remarkably. I, too, have received treatment at Seattle Acupuncture Wellness Center, which has lessened my back pain, helped my anxiety and sleep problems, and even improved my posture. I walk and exercise with less pain and am in better spirits.

Acupuncturist: Seattle Acupuncture Wellness Center

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