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August 30, 2018
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My son has ADHD and I didn’t want him on any medication. My son has had genetic disability as well.



My son doesn't take any meds. I use an all natural supplement that activates his nrf2 protein and keep him on a healthy diet with low sugar. The more natural the better

I give him Protandim NRF2 and i consulted his General doctor as well as his geneticist before starting him on them. Both said it can't do any harm so we might as well try it...as my son has a genetic disability that can also cause attention issues common with adhd it made the most sense to me to ask them both. He has been so well that even his cardiologist told me last week she doesn't have to see him for a year - which is very rare with his condition...

I can write you a long list of things it's helped us with but most notable are better sleep quality, better mobility, less joint pain. My son's organs are functioning better than they ever have before. I  even have my mother in law taking the product, she suffers from arritmia and she hasn't had any issues since she started taking it. she even became lactose tolerant after years of being intolerant - and now she is so happy she can eat yogurt again

These are the two links i found most helpful when i researched the product. The first one even lists the 20+ studies done on the supplement, which is very rare because normally supplements dont have so many individual studies done on them.

Please see the two products if it helps someone. Please consult with your medical practitioner as I only share my experience with my son.

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