My Skin is Radiant after Ayurveda and Yoga

Carly Brown

Carly Brown


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Indu Arora is an incredible gift to the Western Yoga world. Her teachings are true to her life experiences and in-depth study of traditional yoga with her master. Every time I sit in front of Indu it's like time stops and I just try to soak up as much wisdom as I can! She is a true blessing and I can't believe how lucky I am to have met her.

As for her Yogsadhna products, I love them so much. Everything is such high quality. I use the tongue scraper daily as well as the yogi's glow, I use the rudraksha mala every day for my Japa and the other ones (carnelian, turquoise... I basically have all of them) as beautiful reminders to stay grounded. All the males are knotted beautifully and do not come apart as I have seen others do.

The yogi's glow is the first exfoliant product (i use it as a daily face wash) that has not completely dried out my skin and left it red. I live in super cold Canada so winter my skin is so dry. It's a gentle soothing scrub that leaves my face incredibly soft. I have used it as a mask as well and the same thing, the skin is radiant.

From knowing Indu as a friend/teacher I know she puts her whole heart & soul into all that she does. Her selfless giving is a beautiful lesson for all.

Thank you, Indu for all your love and care 

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