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June 29, 2019
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Shoulder Pain

I'm a firm believer in wellness living and preventive medicine. I have been having full body, deep tissue massages since the mid 1980s and chiropractic activator adjustments since the early 1990s. But when I suffered from deep muscle pain in my left shoulder area, both methods could find and reach problem but could not correct it. Before I left my first appointment with AJ in 2009, the deep pain was gone. That night I was able to get a good night's sleep in over 10 months! The next morning, I was sore on top of the skin but still no pain. From this experience I will always try acupuncture first. Recently when I was going through mental anguish and emotional trauma, I mentioned it to AJ. He knew exactly what steps he had to take and was able to ease my heart. I highly, highly recommend Access Acupuncture! They have an excellent staff = they keep me healthy physically, mentally and emotionally :-)

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