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May 30, 2019
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Women's Health and Pregnancy
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I was extremely sick with my second pregnancy starting at 5 weeks. I could not keep anything down and ended up being hospitalized for dehydration, and severe electrolyte imbalance. I am a stay at home mom and had to find full-time child care for my daughter. I spoke with Dr. Kinney at 11 weeks pregnant. She was so understanding of my situation. I started her care plan as soon as we got off the phone and that afternoon and evening was the first time
in over 6 weeks that I didn't throw up. I am 14 weeks now and continue to feel better every day. I went from being on anti-nausea medication around the clock, to not being on any in a matter of days. I was able to resume my days with my daughter within a week, and I am able to eat and fuel my body (and babies) with healthy, nourishing foods, and keep my prenatal vitamins down. I am so thankful to have talked with Dr. Kinney.

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