My muscle pain has reduced with Acupuncture therapy

Michelle Mayen

Michelle Mayen


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Muscloskeletal Pain

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"This place is fantastic! I highly recommend to anyone having any sort of pain, discomfort or is recovering from an injury. My daughter had done competitive gymnastics and tumbling most of her life and at 13 she was in so much constant pain that she had to give up her passion of gymnastics. My daughter was diagnosed by three doctors with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome the doctors all wanted to just throw medications at her. Since she was only 13 years old and very athletic we refused go that route. We were lucky enough to have a friend recommend Integrated Health Solutions. Dr. Charbel and Dr. Brenza talked with my daughter and really listened to her and discussed her symptoms and made her feel very comfortable and “heard”. Through their extensive examination they discovered that she actually had a discrepancy in the length of her legs and uneven hips that were causing the pain. Acupuncture , deep massage and cryotherapy along with therapy exercises, have virtually alleviated her pain and she is stronger than ever! I cannot recommend this place enough! Acupuncturist: Integrated Health Solutions


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