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August 29, 2018
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I hope this can help of some you that have been suffering like I have in the past. I was diagnosed with Cluster headaches (repetitive Migraines on a daily basis for multiple weeks) when I was about 24, my trigger was mainly fatigue or lack of sleep.

Since then I have had MRI's, a multitude of prescriptions including, Methysergide, Mersyndol, beta blockers and the one that I had been taking for 8+ years up until 3 weeks ago, Pizotifen (Sandomigran @0.5mg per day) as well as carrying an Imigran just in case.


About six weeks ago I started on a product KETO//OS which puts the body into Ketosis in under an hour. I am not on a ketogenic eating plan, I have reduced the carbs and watched my proteins and started starving the body between 7pm - 11am so that the body looks to it's fat reserves for fuel.

Now, I did not start on the Keto to this benefit, I did note that I was sleeping more soundly (not necessarily longer) and waking fresher. Although after a number of google searches I started to find links between Migraines and Ketogenic diets. With this in mind and after being on the Keto for almost 4 weeks, I stopped taking the Pizotifen, well, 3 weeks on and I've had no cluster headaches or a single migraine.

Now I'm not saying this will work for everybody, but is has certainly worked for me, so much so, based on my better sleep, mental clarity and even a few kilograms lost, that I have decided to promote the KETO/OS to friends, family and anyone who will listen.

As I said, no guarantees, now if you are anything like me, where at one point during a bout of cluster headaches I was ready to take drastic action (the worst kind), then this might help you. I was of the opinion of that I am sick of taking meds and worst case scenario, I could go back on the meds if the cluster headaches returned.

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